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SkinPointEight Age-Adapt® Day Concentrate 30ml

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Regularly care for skin with the Age-Adapt® Day Concentrate from SkinPointEight. Designed to deliver an array of hydrating and nourishing benefits, the rich Concentrate supports and boosts the complexion’s natural performance.

Fortified with an effective blend of Adaptogen Botanicals and Chinese Herbs, the potent formula transforms the skin’s appearance. Whilst encouraging microcirculation, it detoxifies and normalises the complexion, which delays the visible signs of ageing and maintains a youthful appearance.

The serum combines Phyto-Hydrating Actives and Plant Collagen, which work harmoniously to provide the face with an essential veil of hydration. The Concentrate also functions as a powerful protectant, defending skin against the damaging effects of environmental stresses.

Under the Concentrate’s care, expect skin in optimum condition.

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